Dominic Monti (1968- )
"Glorieta Light"
acrylic/cardboard, 15" x 20"
$ 1,000


Dominic Monti (1968- )
"Spontaneous Fall"
acrylic & pen and ink/cardboard, 14" x 18"
$ 750


Dominic Joseph Monti
   Dominic was born in the St. Louis area and began drawing and painting at an early age. He took all the art classes that he could at St. Mary’s High School in South St. Louis and at St. Louis Community College at Meramec, showing his work at the student exhibitions. Continuing his art education, he enrolled in the graphic design program at Northwest Missouri State University but found himself more and more drawn to fine art and work in oils and acrylics. Upon graduation he found that "there was a lot of competition in the commercial art field and there didn’t seem to be a lot of rewards" – so he headed to Santa Fe and its well-known inspirational light. As he says: "People always talk about the light; it’s always changing—it’s so varied—you go a few miles and it might be totally different."
   In December 1992 he had his first gallery show at the El Taller Gallery in Santa Fe. In 1993 he continued his art studies at the Instituto de Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, showing his work at the "Por La Galleria" for the next five years. Returning to St. Louis in 1994 he taught painting and drawing at a private school and also worked as a technical illustrator. His more recent travels have taken him back to Mexico and to Georgia and Florida. He currently resides in Santa Fe and is exhibiting there and in Taos as well as in Scottsdale, New York City, Atlanta, St. Louis and Kansas City. His work appears to be maturing compositionally without losing the brilliance of color and strong tonal values for which he has been noted since the beginning of his career. We are pleased to be able to present some of the work of this young New Mexico colorist.
"Glorieta Light"; acrylic/cardboard, 15" x 20" $ 1,000.
"Spontaneous Fall"; Acrylic, & Pen and Ink/cardboard, 14" x 18", $ 750


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