Jean Mannheim (1863-1945 )
"Near La Quinta (Coachella)" on reverse
o/b, 24" x 20"

$ 7,500

Jean Mannheim (1863-1945 )
Untitled (Floral still-life with Indian blanket and basket)
o/c/b, 18" x 22"
$ 9,500

A classical artist trained in the French academies
Jean Mannheim (1863-1945)
   Born in Kreuznach on the Nahe in 1863, Jean was drafted as a young man by the Prussian Army under Bismarck. Following his artistic inclination, he deserted and fled to France, which, following its defeat in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, welcomed such refugees from the Kaiser's military.
Jean studied art at two of the private "academies": Ecole Delecluse and Academie Colarossi and with two eminent "salon" artists: DeLancey and (particularly noteworthy) Bouguereau. Having learned the bookbinding trade as a youth in Germany, he supported himself in that fashion while studying in Paris.
In the mid 1880s he decided to go to America and ended up in Illinois, where he painted portraits in Chicage and taught at the art school in Decatur. Shortly after 1900 he accepted a position at Frank Brangwyn's art school in London, remaining for two years.
   Returning to the US, he taught at the Denver Art School for several years and, in 1908, made a final move to Pasadena, where he built a home in the Arroyo Seco. He maintained a studio in the Blanchard Building in Los Angeles where he exhibited and taught. In 1913 he founded the Stickney Memorial School of Fine Arts in Pasadena.
   His early work (both in Paris and during his first residence in the US) consisted mainly of figure studies and portraits. It was not until his final move to the US after 1900 that he began painting the landscapes and genre subjects for which he subsequently became nationally known. He died in Pasadena on September 6,1945. He exhibited internationally, including the Paris Salon and the National Academy of Design and won numerous medals and awards, including gold and silver medals at the Panama-California Exhibition of 1915 in San Diego.
   We currently have the following works available by this superlative artist:

   "Near La Quinta (Coachella)" on reverse, o/b, 24" x 20", $7,500

    Untitled (Floral still-life with Indian blanket and basket), o/c/b, 18" x 22", $7,500


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