Roy Keister (1886- ? )
Untitled (Navajo weaver)
o/c, 24" x 30"
$ 10,000

Roy Keister (1886-1983)
   Roy Keister was born January 2, 1886 in Germantown, Ohio. His artistic training was primarily at the Art Institute of Chicago. He was a member of the Palette and Chisel Academy in Chicago and (later in life) of the Laguna Beach Art Association in California. His early painting career was apparently spent in Chicago and the Upper Midwest as his work was well known in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota.
   He moved south to Texas in the late '30s or early 40's and established the Roy C. Keister School of Art following the war. He lived in California for some period during the 60's and 70's and died in Whitehouse, Texas in December of 1983.
   Keister was a prolific calendar artist and illustrator, particularly of wildlife and hunting/fishing scenes. He also painted extensively throughout the Southwest, both in the landscape and genre categories. He received numerous awards and public commissions during his long career, including two international awards from the Madonna Festival at Los Angeles.
   The current work on offer was completed prior to the early 60's when it was purchased from a Santa Fe gallery by the present owner. The work is evocative of Carl Moon's work on the same general subject but is far superior in drawing, color and overall technique.

"Untitled (Navajo Weaver)," oil on canvas, 24" x 30", $ 10,000

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